You Can Finally Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online (the Snack, Not the Weed Strain)


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Feb 22, 2020
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the cookie sellers from the Girl Scouts of America are packing in their folding tables, sashes, and Thin Mints for the rest of the year. But for all you stoners looking for your favorite munchie fix to keep you sane during these trying times, you’re in luck. For the first time ever, Girl Scout cookie sales are moving online.

That’s right, after years of waiting for cookie season and then searching local grocery stores and dispensary parking lots for Tagalongs and Samoas, the pre-teen cookie sellers are moving sales to cyberspace. Now, Do-Si-Do fans have a way to stay munching without ever leaving the house.

According to CNN, in addition to direct-to-consumer sales, the Girl Scouts of America have also kicked off a program that allows cookie buyers to purchase and donate boxes of the much-lauded treats to health care workers and first responders across the country. In their own act of kindness, the Girl Scouts have already begun sending boxes of cookies to hospitals and even using those badged skills to sew masks for nurses.

"To protect girls and communities in the wake of COVID-19, Girl Scouts have suspended door-to-door sales and cookie booths," a notice on the Girl Scouts of America website reads. "But you can still buy your favorite cookies online today and have them shipped to your door — or donate cookies and we'll distribute them safely to provide comfort to first responders, volunteers, and local causes in need."

Girl Scout cookies have long been a staple in the cannabis community, with one of the most famous strains in the industry using the same name — now abbreviated to GSC in most dispensaries for legal reasons. But more than just the strain, cannabis fans have been such dedicated cookie buyers that Girl Scouts across the country now regularly set up sales stations outside of dispensaries in legal weed states.

So if your quarantined lifestyle has lacked a certain caramel and coconut sweetness, sit back, spark another joint of GSC, and open your browser to lob in an order for these delicious, iconic cookies.

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