Will I pass an Amazon Oral Swab Drug Test in a legal state?


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Mar 2, 2020
Living in a recreationally legal state and am going for a drug test tomorrow for an Amazon warehouse in the afternoon (about 12 hours from now) and was wondering if I smoked THC if I could still pass a drug test? I know there have been court cases in legal state’s around the country on this, but I feel that because it is legal for recreational use like alcohol, that they wouldn’t mind THC showing up in an oral swab. Don’t want to buy $90 detox gum or go hard with hydrogen peroxide. I haven’t smoked in two days. I’m having a hard time sleeping tonight and really don’t want to take my sleeping pills and would rather smoke to sleep, but don’t want to f*ck up my chances landing the job. I guess I could play it safe and not smoke till I take the test but I also don’t want to take my sleeping pill because I feel like I’m on drugs the next day. Anyone have any experience with this in a legal state?

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