Why I've decided to keep on Growing Cannabis.....


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Mar 2, 2020
I have enough cannabis to be set for the next 2+ years. I can't sell any extra product to a dispensary since I'm in a legal state (CO). And I'm new to CO so I don't have many friends that smoke. So I shut down my room after another successful harvest 6 months ago.

Ever since I shut it down, there's been something missing in my life. At first, there were relieved feelings of not having to spray and feed everyday. But in these lonely days of COVID-19, I really wish I did keep growing. But then it started to morph into a sense of "something is missing in my life".

I miss all the maintenance and small problems you come across. I yearn for the days in the grow room that turned from 20 minutes to 3.5 hours. I miss journaling what I did every day!!!! sh*t!!!! I even miss all the worrying I would do when problems arose. I miss just sitting on the canopy level, playing the plants (which may or may not have names) my favorite songs from my iPod Grow Playlist.

There's only so much tv that one could stream in a day....or weeks!!!! You can't sit around and watch the horrifying NEWS for more then a couple minutes before you begin to slip into a pit of despair. It's good to be informed and stay safe but watching for too long becomes debilitating for most people. It's not good headspace.

Social media is great but kind of the same useless sh*t. I AM LOVING not seeing so many plates of beautiful food or cocktails on my instagram feed. But people are getting boring now that they are stuck in their homes.

But as all growers know, you can lose yourself EVERY DAY. In your own home. And with all this extra time, I can baby my plants through every step in the process to make some of the best bud I've ever grown. I have a prediction that every home grower's weed will improve dramatically this grow year. Extra time and an "escape from reality" is the perfect combination for growing amazing weed.

We don't have much control.....well over anything anymore. Growing is a way to take back that control. You are in charge!!!! You decide how well your plants grow!!!!!! I imagine a sense of control would be useful for the coming days.

In contrast, there's a true sense of "seed in the wind" when growing. What will be.....will be. There's a closure in this too. Tomorrow will be Spring. And it WILL come. And I will be there to greet it and do what I can for my plants. And maybe even fellow humans.

So, even though I don't know what I'll do with it all the excess cannabis.....It's time to grow again.

Yesterday, I spent 4 glorious hours in my basement resetting up my grow room. Only to wake up super early and work another couple hours finishing up the room. I feel like I have purpose again. I implore anyone that has never thought to grow weed to consider it. Now is the time.

I'd be happy to help anyone in the community get started. It's one of the only things you don't need to leave the house to do. You can get everything online. It's not just a hobby, it's a life style.

Just thought I'd share....

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