Why do I get spaced out, get anxiety. Also I forget mid sentence what I'm talking about, or can't concentrate when listening to someone talk to me.


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Mar 2, 2020
I occasionally smoke weed, maybe once a month, but Everytime I do, I get spaced out, I feel like my short term memory doesn't work, it's kind of embarrassing, I'll be talking then out of nowhere I can't remember where I was going with the sentence. Also I can't concentrate paying attention when someone else is talking to me. It's like mid sentence I forget what they are talking about. I get anxiety because it really bothers me, even when I try to concentrate it just doesn't stick.

Is this caused by the high THC content in the weed? Would I be better to get a high CBD content strain with very little THC, like less that 10%

This has been the main reason why I don't smoke often, I'm looking for a solution that may help me with my anxiety and memory issues. Thanks

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