What do you say to someone who claims they are still high?


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Mar 2, 2020
A friend of mine recently tried weed for the first time. He claimed he didn’t get high at all the first time and repeatedly asked to do it again. He did it two more times and still claimed to feel absolutely nothing. Finally, the fourth time seemed to be the charm as he admitted to getting high, yet this time he claimed he couldn’t stop being high. For the following two weeks he wouldn’t stop complaining about how high he was and how he wanted the feeling to go away. He even went as far as saying the trip made him have constant suicidal thoughts. As far as my knowledge extends, his claims are physiologically impossible, and it’s purely psychological at this point. I’ve tried reasoning with him and telling him this is all in his head and maybe he should get some kind of psycho therapy. These seem more like underlying problems that were triggered by the weed as opposed to thoughts generated by them. Yet he won’t listen and is stubbornly adamant that this is purely because of the weed. Any thoughts on how I should approach this?

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