What do you currently do to enhance the personal wellness of you and your family?


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Feb 7, 2020
Right now, I'm adjusting the families diet.
I'm slowly making healthier food decisions. Small things for now, less fried foods, gluten free pastas and tortillas, less carbs and more green.
I'm cooking with more Mediterranean influence than the French influence I've used for years.
Still allowing us one "junk" meal weak. I'm using extra virgin olive oils instead of butter whenever possible, less yolks and more egg whites.
Every small change for things that go in out bodies can have huge effects on the overall outcome.
We are also limiting the kids screentime, trying to exercise when we can. With winter being a factor I cant throw the kids outside as often as I do over summer, but when the weather permits, out they go. I keep dumbbells by.desk for mini workouts.
I'll be experimenting with CBD in the coming weeks, to help supplement for pain and sleep, which should also contribute to over all wellness.

So what are y'all doing?


The carving catman
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Feb 8, 2020
I live in the land of Paula Dean and fried goodness. We get the kids outside when we can. Go for walks down our dirt road. 1/2 mile from the blacktop. Getting them off fast food is a big help. Also got them into geocaching. Which is actually pretty fun. Like a satellite based treasure hunt. Definitely worth a Google. But eating right is the key to healthy along with staying active. Baby steps for me and mine. Well get there.