Weird Post-High Experience - Looking for Advice


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Mar 2, 2020
Hi all, about five days ago, I tried a preroll from a legally licensed company. Great high, etc. however, I noticed the following effect that has not left me yet. I will try to describe it, so please bare with me. Four days later (now), I still feel like my day goes by in snapshots. I can work and do everything effectively. I am not actually “high,” but I still feel in a dreamy state in my mind. I also feel more tired than usual at the end of the day. I’ve been going to bed earlier. I am not back to my 100% alert self, and since it’s been four days and the first time experiencing this, I am looking for insight from others that could have experienced this. I find myself getting caught up in a task I am completing and forget about the time. My mind feels cloudy. Also, my written skills/attention to detail is also not sharp. Can anyone help with what I am experiencing and how to get rid of it and back to my usual self? Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you all!

Edit: I smoked a preroll containing 1.6mg thc per unit or 72.5mg total thc / .35mg cbd per total.

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