Weed Talk NOW - THC for COVID-19, High Times IPO, Is Rec Essential, and NYC Witch Hunts


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Feb 22, 2020

Is it medically essential or recreational essential and that's where the States have differed. Massachusetts claiming medical is essential. If they're open, you can sell, but if you're selling rec, you need to stop. And if you're only a rec shop, you cannot be open. And I feel for Kobie, having worked so hard in the years in the business. You get open for what? Maybe two weeks and then this happens. Again, I think it comes down to more that there's not a 200 person line at a liquor store like there are in rec dispensaries here in Mass. Did Governor Baker drag his feet and not get enough dispensaries open in the last two to three years? Absolutely. But we're living in the moment. We have to deal with a virus that's killing people. It would be nice to see a compromise here, maybe pickup only, like all these restaurants. Five guys. They're doing an order online. You wait in your car, someone can put it on your hood, whatever the system is.

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