Weed Talk NOW - 10 Cannabis Topics in 10 Minutes


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Feb 22, 2020

See how that works. Curt and I are regulars doing a monthly live stream that we call, Weed Talk Live with Curt and Jimmy, and now we're recording it and we're going to try and do three of these every week. See Curt, I managed to date it and say exactly what we're going to be doing every week, and hopefully we'll be able to have new content out, talking about this crazy wide world do of weed that's out there. Everything's changing in cannabis now. The reason why we're doing this like this is social distancing. I think we all recognize that we are in unprecedented time in our history, all of us battling and changing our daily lifestyles in order to avoid getting the COVID-19, the Coronavirus that is wreaking havoc not just here in the United States, but all over the world.

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