Weed allergies developing? Is that a thing?


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Mar 2, 2020
So, my husband has been a pot smoker for the past decade and has never had any problems. He uses weed as a way to medicate his anxiety and a condition he has that causes intestinal pain. He smokes regular flower, concentrates/distilate, hash, you name it. He rarely uses edibles, but they haven't been off the menu, really.

Well, he recently got a job at a legal marijuana distribution company. He was trimming small flower, moving bales, and packaging the weed. While doing this, he was covered in a sterile gown/gloves/hair net/mask. About a week into that job, he started coming home with hives all over his face and torso. He figured it may be an allergy to some pesticides they might be using, but the employer denied that they use any. However, his coworkers off the record acknowledged this happens there "all the time."

Well, it got to the point where just walking into work would make him bust out in hives/itch, and eventually have difficulty breathing. So, he quit. He was still smoking his concentrates, but noticed that he still had these symptoms only after smoking flower. He tried 100% organic and that had the same result. Just using distillate was fine for a couple weeks, but now the symptoms are back.

So, my point is, we are pretty sure he has a new allergy to weed. Have any of you had this? Anyone able to reverse such a thing? He has stopped using weed as of today, as we dont want this to impair his breathing. However, we cant find a lot of quality information about weed allergies. Discussion and explerience welcome!

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