[Webinar Invite] Celebrate 420 with us


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Feb 9, 2020
Hi Jim,

If you know what "420" means, then click here. <=
It’s a webinar about 420 ON 4/20. You don’t need any further information. :)
If you’re unfamiliar with what 420 means, keep reading.
420 is code or slang for using Cannabis.
Wait, maaaaan… don’t click away yet.
I'm doing a live webinar with Michael Roesslein to discuss the effects of cannabinoids on the brain and nervous system, inflammation, sleep, stress, and more.
You can sign up here. <=
I'm a Functional Neurology Specialist and have done a lot of research on cannabis and the endocannabinoid system.
Did you know you had an endocannabinoid system?
Yep, ya do!
Does that mean we’re supposed to be getting baked consuming cannabis all day, every day?
Heck yeah, duuude!
Ok, Probably not… but it does mean we’ve evolved with this system, which means there are very real, medicinal uses for this powerful plant ally.
Let’s learn the facts from fiction together on this webinar. <=
Here’s what we’ll be learning:
  • What is the cannabinoid system?
  • What are cannabinoids, and what do they do?
  • How do cannabinoids regulate the immune system, improve digestion, balance mood, and help get better sleep?
  • How can we support our cannabinoid system?
  • How the cannabinoid system interacts with the brain and nervous system.

Hope to see you there!
Be well,
Michael Roesslein & Dr. Jared

P.S. Yes, there will be a replay. Have questions? Be sure to show up live. Sign up here. <=
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