We should also legalize opioids? Thoughts?


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Mar 2, 2020
Many closed-minded ppl have viewed marijuana as an illicit, harmful drug that should be criminalized for years. Finally, it's getting legalized.

Why not legalize opioids? Alcohol is also deadly, yet is legal. Drugs are a matter of choice, the government shouldn't decide what I do with my body, as is the case with alcohol consumption. The legalization of marijuana shows that we should be free with what we consume, and its only right to legalize most drugs really. Opioids are taken safely all around the world, and addiction rates are actually low, comparable to alcoholism. Not everyone who does opioids becomes helplessly addicted. If my use of opioids was legal, so much of that money could go towards taxes that can then help others and the economy. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang said he was going to decriminalize opioids.

What do you guys think?

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