Unique bad reaction and I dont know why


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Mar 2, 2020
So last year i had the strangest reaction to weed if ever had. I hadn't smoked heavily in over 7 months which might have caused its intensity but otherwise idk why this happened.

So the way it went was at first we were hitting a joint. Then my hubby brought out two vape pens (this was last February long before the fakes started up) and a bong which I can say was about 2 ft tall, with a spinner and ice chamber and double bubble. It was a good peice in its prime. Anyway. So I hit the joint, then get passed both pens by the other two in the room. I hit both at the same time. Then the bong comes out and i take a small hit off it. (I was baby lunging at the time so forgive me on that). So I chill the rest of the night. I'm high as sh*t and feel tired. So I lean back, listen to some celtic music on my headphones and lay back. I think I passed out but i had no recollection of that. At first I just felt head high. But then, if you take that tingling feeling you get when your body is asleep and put it to a moving line on your brain where it just rotates around my brain. The moment it got to like the middle on either the back or front i started feeling like a charly horse in my back. But when I tried to shift my whole body just pulsed with this like lightning effect. It hurt so bad. I didnt want to move. But even not moving it kept happening. I called to the guys I was with, roomie and hubby, and said it hurts. Then it got violently painful to where i was shaking then going stiff into like a half fetal position. If I was talking I'd be stuck on that one sound. They kept telling me to relax but i wasn't in control of what my body was doing. Then if i closed my eyes during a wave of pain I'd literally see my nervous system flashing blue behind my eye lids. It felt like lightning just going through my body. The wave (or scanning tingling sensation know my brain) started getting faster and stretching out of my mind on the left side. It got worse. My hubby and roomie tried to lift me up, get me to drink milk but it just kept going. Then after a few minutes it stopped. Hubby sat me down, tucked me under his arm and we thought that was that.

Nope... it started up again with a fucking vengeance. I was screaming at this point. Hubby carries my to bed, lays me down and half lays on my side. Putting pressure but giving me space to breath. After a while they slowed down and I fell asleep. I was terrified of the stuff after that.

The next time I had an ego death after just not wanting to be afraid. No I just take one puff and I'm done. I'm high enough. No like the brain pulse/wave/scan or ego death.

So if anyone can tell me why this sh*t happens please tell me. My mother told me I just went "fishy" which she says is when you just dont breathe enough between hits. But idk where to begin with this sh*t tbh.

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