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Mar 2, 2020
I’ve researched Marijuana for a while now to try to better understand its nature in terms of its chemical properties once consumed and I’m still a bit confused. I’m coming here to try and get a more straight forward response. When someone exposes themself to THC by inhalation (smoking) or ingestion (edibles), the THC half life is so short that we can assume negligible, however the presence of THC’s metabolite THC-COOH tends to linger. From what I understand, THC concentrate (used to make edibles) has the ability to increase the percent of active cannabinoids by 40-80%, but ingestion only “delivers between 10-20% of the THC , whereas smoking delivers between 50 and 60% of the THC in the flower.” So I’ve made an assumption based on this information that the end result of lingering THC-COOH metabolites in your system is greater when you smoke flower than if you were to consume edibles.

Here is some quick maths to back up my assumption:

To make it simple I have averaged any percentage range I have listed above, just in case you are wondering where I get the number from Ex: 40-80% = 60%

  • Let’s start with flower Flower has about 23.5% active cannabinoids averaged across all strains, and when ingested delivers 55% of those active cannabinoids. When all said and done, we are exposed to 12.93%.

  • Now edibles Edibles have about 23.5% + 60% = 37.6% active cannabinoids. When consumed it delivers only 15% of those cannabinoids, so we’re left with a total exposure of only 5.64%. Is this accurate??

How does this stack up when comparing doses now?

it is safe to assume that a gram of cannabis contains at least 100mg THC

If you were to consume this amount, you would only be exposed to 5.54 mg ‘active THC’? And if you were to inhale/ smoke the same amount you will then be exposed to 12.93 mg ‘active THC’?

Please correct me if this math is wrong.

Regardless of my math, what I’m really trying to understand is the presence of THC-COOH in your system when ingested as opposed to smoking.

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