Trying to learn about vape/carts. & maybe get some solid knowledge & much needed advice.


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Mar 2, 2020
Using my alt acct for discretion. Apologies for the length. Hope it's not off topic for the sub. Partly just processing thoughts here too, vs talking to anyone irl, bc, well, it's not anyone else's business to know about it.

Wondering if any of you fine folks could enlighten me with some info/education on a couple specific products and/or vape/cart culture in general. I would love to hear it all- anything you can tell me about THC vape, HHC vape, lingo, means of access/purchase, conterfeit issues, legality re minors in a zero tolerance US state, etc.

Specific Products:

--Big Chief Distillate Cartridge Apple Jack Sativa

--Stiiizy Hybrid Hemp HHC

--Strio Cartboy Incognito 510

& dear redditors, if you've got it to offer, I would also appreciate any & all advice & opinions- whether you're a parent, or someone whose parent handled sh*t right, or someone whose parent handled sh*t the exact wrong way...?
I'll take all the help I can get on this one.

Context & situation:

I stumbled upon these products in my barely-a-teenager kid's clothes during laundry day. Time for a tough talk, ofc. But, before I begin the conversation, I want to be max informed. (I'm from the traditional paper & pipe era, so I'm kinda a dumbass old-timer when it comes to these products.)

Just so there's no confusion, I'm not out to give my kid total hell & grief over it, but at this age it's a real bad idea to be messing around with any controlled/age restricted substances, and puts them at risk for repercussions that could change the trajectory of their life in ways they can't understand yet. Prefer to handle it at home vs dealing with consequences forced on us by school or law enforcement- which is a hell that my kid can't even conceive. & I don't like those kinds of surprises at all.

I'm an ultra liberal in a non-liberal, non-legal US state. I'm late genX, one-time frequent recreational user. These days it is seldom, very discreet, never at home or in company of my kid. Married for forever, near-zero conflict, super chill home.

So the kid...what a kick-ass kid! Mostly well-adjusted, pop-culture enthusiast, gamer, athlete (school and club sports), hilarious, empathetic, not a risk taker, mostly stays out of trouble, sucks at math, occasionally makes age-appropriate idiotic choices. Freshman, almost.

I'd say we have a great relationship. I'm easy going, not strict, not religious. I support & encourage the ever growing list of interests & hobbies (with exception to this one, ofc). My want, above all, is for my kid to be happy, safe & empowered to make thoughtful, well-informed choices, & to steer clear of the kind of troubles that invite disciplinary actions by the school, law enforcement or other long range consequences. I mean, I love this kid, relentlessly, without condition! & I'm terrified of saying/doing something that will push them away or trigger some great rebellion. I'm doubting myself & wondering if even the most thoughtful words will just be Charlie Brown Teacher mumbles with zero meaning or impact for my kid.

I really don't want to f*ck this conversation up. I don't want their takeaway to be "just be more sneaky." I gotta get through to them in a big big way. But if I sound like a dumbass during the convo, I'm gonna fall short of my goal here. So I need to be able to know what tf I'm talking about when it comes to these products & unfortunately, I'm not well informed about vapes, carts, product variety, fake sh*t vs real sh*t, etc. I know there's gotta be a few experts here who wouldn't mind breaking it down for me??

Thanks for reading my ramble. Extra thanks for any comments. & my sincerest gratitude to anyone willing to offer advice.

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