Tips For Bad Days


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What do you do for the really bad pain days? Thought it might be helpful to see what people do and possibly something I do can help another or vice versa. :)

I will start

On the days where it seems nothing is helping much. I will do a little gaming ( to distract ) if my hands allow.
or other times I will get some candles that have a strong fragrance, get them going in the bathroom and run a hot tub. I enjoy scented oils in the water. I have read where some scents can be very therapeutic. The scent of Rose or Lavender. Lilac is a favorite of mine.
I make sure to take my time, go nice and easy with very slow movements. A ritual almost. It does seem to help.

What do you do? Yoga, meditation, etc.


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Feb 18, 2020
When my back is flaring up, most days, I like a couple pulls from a nice indica, and my lazy boy with a heating pad. I don't necessarily smoke to get stoned. Just a couple hits every couple hours. Takes the mind off the pain, slows muscle spasms, and allows me to easily be distracted by just about anything else. Then a few hits instead of a couple before bed to settle the restless leg syndrome.

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