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Mar 2, 2020
So I have a drug test for a job possibly coming up and I have my medical card and live in a medical only state. The hiring manager is aware that I medicate and said as long as the levels in my urine do not supercede my prescription, I'll be fine. But in my state, there is no specific prescribed dose. You get a certain amount of points (which they call days) which dictates how much you cam purchase in a 90 day period (so you get 45 days worth of product for 90 days). I use edibles and/or tinctures nearly daily at between 10 and 30 mg/day and I never come close to using all my days. A relative of mine administers drug tests for CPS and said the therapeutic cutoff is 25 ng/ml so if I'm below that, I'm fine. But it seems like the amount of THC-COOH detected in my urine would be higher than that for daily use so I'm confused as to how they're going to determine if I have an acceptable amount in my urine for a medical user. Any insight/advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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