The most enjoyable aspect of my experiences has been the munchies experiencing new food.


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Mar 2, 2020
I keep a munchies stash filled with stored goods like Chef Boyardee and ramen as well as a fresh foods stash of things like steaks and sushi. It is kind of wild the things I go through on my nightly smoke. The other day I had fresh prepared eel served on rice with seaweed and then had a couple of microwavable burritos after just the different desires in food desired. I really enjoy the planning for what I will eat when shopping for when I get high. I spend far more time thinking about what I want to eat when I get high than for what I will eat when sober.

I usually have a nicer high end restraint planned out from a new nationality with each session but obviously have to recycle restaurants after a while but this strain of Death Star has destroyed me.

A 1.5 lbs T bone steak, two catfish steaks, two cans of ravioli and I'm hungry as hell.

Just here to show my appreciation for the munchies

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