Texas Cops Are Getting Ready to Bust Spring Breakers for THC Vape Carts


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Feb 22, 2020
Spring Break is coming to south Texas, but the annual college right of passage is getting hit with a hefty dose of prohibitionist vibes from local cops.

According to a new report from KRGV News, Cameron County law enforcement officials have made THC vape cartridges public enemy number one as they prepare to welcome hordes of young party-goers to the popular South Padre Island.

“Any amount of THC oil — be it oil or edibles laced with THC — those amounts are going to be felonies,” Cameron County DA Luis Saenz told KRGV. “So they need to know the risks they are running: getting arrested and charged with a felony offense.”

As states across the country continue to enact broad cannabis reform measures, Texas continues to enforce incredibly harsh punishment for minor pot possession. In the face of changing hemp laws and complications with cannabis testing, some Texas cities have moved to decriminalize the plant altogether. But on a whole, prohibition is still the name of the game in the Lone Star State.

And for DA Saenz, the push to weed out THC vapers is not spurred by recent health scares, but instead by worries that carts contain too much THC, with no regard for what legal cannabis consumers around the country might argue.

So if you’re planning to enjoy your semester break in the South Padre sun, remember to leave your carts at home — or maybe consider relocating your Spring fling to a more green-friendly location.

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