Taking a tolerance break is coming with some challenges, getting through the addiction part is hard enough. Let alone my amplified anger. Can’t even m


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Mar 2, 2020
I know I will get some people say it is impossible to be addicted to marijuana, however I smoke with tobacco and I have a feeling that is a big part of it, as well as the habit formed from constant smoking of bongs. I had anger issues before smoking weed, in fact I always have. I just lose control when I get mad, mostly on my family or friends/loved ones.

Now first off I wanna say, I love marijuana. I don’t want to quit it completely and I think it’s a gift to this earth. Though I want to be able to use it more meaningfully. I want to have next to no tolerance and feel what the plant wants me to really feel and experience. I want to take those experiences and use them for healing purposes and understanding purposes and I certainly don’t want to abuse the plant anymore. I realized about 8 years ago when I was 15, that this plant brought me peace. I had a terrible view on it before trying it as well, I was brought up to believe all drugs were terrible for you and so was smoking anything. Though alcohol was fine as usually the case.

The first time I smoked I realized the joy it brought me and how close I felt to my friend while under the influence. After that I would smoke often but not anything like now. I’d say probably every week or 2. I barely even remember what it felt like back then at this point. I want to feel that again.

Alongside with the peace and the feeling of well being, I knew I could always count on marijuana. All the times where it feels like there is a war going on in my head, all the times when it feels like my head is gonna explode from anger or the times when my vision gets blurry and I just wanna scream and I can’t even control what I’m saying anymore.. all those times could be saved by weed. I could and honestly still to this day can feel the anger leave me as I exhale the cannabis smoke.

I’ll always love and be grateful to this plant for helping me through the many challenges I’ve endured. It’s helped me through fear, through happiness, through anger and even sadness. I really owe a lot to this plant and all I’ve done for the past probably 5 years is abuse it non stop every day.

Me and Cannabis need a bit of a break, though I’m finding the hardest part is that I feel I’m being punished now by even stronger anger when I’m without marijuana. If I even go half a day-a full day without weed, anything can set me off and I’ll blow up.

Just looking for some suggestions or experiences! Thanks guys :)

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