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Mar 2, 2020
I've been off for three weeks and I'm starting week for. Probably off for another three at least.

I've been hanging out getting high and relaxing. It's been a pretty good time to be honest. Had the house to my self most of the time. Been alright.

But lately my thc pills (I live in Ontario and use thc capsules almost exclusively, I only smoke "socially") haven't been doing much of anything. I was, a few weeks back, able to take a ten MG dose or a ten and a five together and be decently high. Two tens would have me pretty damn high.

On the weekend though I took ten. Nothing. Twenty MG. Nothing. Thirty. Barely anything. I've been having to take almost 2-4x what I'd normally take to get high. Today I took fourty MG and barely felt high for about 45 min when that should get me very high for a very long time.

Should I be taking a t break? Should I lay off for awhile. Obviously that's kinda tough if I'm going to be off a few more weeks... Well u don't really want to. Can I switch to smoking instead? Switching strains didn't make a big difference.

I have already tried oil sub lingually, really doesn't work for me. And I do have what I feel like is a bitorw tolerance to edibles/ingested weed than most people. It does tend to wear off after two hours.

Side question, anyone in Ontario that uses the ocs know whether vape cartridges are any more or less cost efficient compared to thc oil and capsules? You can get cartridges with upwards of 800 MG for $50. But I don't think potency and strength are exactly comparable

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