Study: Diet makes a difference in fight against hospital-acquired infection


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Feb 7, 2020

I can say first hand that nutrition is huge in this case. I've had Hospital acquired MRSA a few times, and nutrition was key in me beating it.


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Feb 9, 2020
Another good read. Thanks. I wonder if taking a good probiotic supplement with Bifidus and Acidophilus would help.


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Feb 9, 2020
Hospital acquired MRSA

My youngest brother, Fred, got MRSA (Mercer) 3 times from the same hospital. He had a back surgery and came to from it having been infected.

From what mom tells he projectile vomited blood all over the room. He was treated and released. Apparently though no more than five miles away he was begging to pull over. This was a second bought after they had cleared him of the first.

When he come back around the second time, the hospital had an attorney on hand for him, someone independent too. The attorney explained the hospital was direly apologetic and he could at my brother's discretion take them to the bank. He, my brother, was just glad they were helping him get over it free of charges.

So, a week later they prepare to release him again but something flares up and it seems familiar. He has another three days with Cipro pumped into him for 72 hrs to be safe. After the third time he told him he was done joking around with them and wanted to go home.

And then of course the night prior to my wedding he was in TN at a party and doesn't remember how many cases of tequila he had drank, worms and all. He said I shouldn't take it bad but they kept stopping every two miles for him to puke. He did show up and acted as my best man. Think he even had a slice of the cake.

No, I don't love my youngest brother, not at all. I would assassinate him if I could do it without him knowing I was attempting it and first counter-assassinating me. :) :p :D
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