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Mar 2, 2020
Hey team,

Recently we started a Discord server, as you know everyone is social distancing. This is a way to keep the social, while maintaining isolation, and we’ve created a bunch of live hot box channels, and activity based text channels so everyone has a place.

Looking for podcasters / streamers who want to share their content with people who are looking for things to watch - Cannabis related, or inspired. We have a pretty active cannabis community with almost 200 active users that will see everytime you go live or post a video with a notification - and we're about to launch a BUNCH of daily, weekly and monthly prizes and giveaways, so we expect it to grow fast.

All that you need to do is:

  1. Join our Discord server -
  2. React to the Intro post, and you will see all of our channels open in the left navigation
  3. Goto the LIFESTYLE tab in the left navigation and click the STREAMERS channel
  4. Drop a message with your channel, and Extract Liam will message you, or message me back with you username and we will get you all set up.
  5. Everytime you live stream, or post, this channel will be notified! You will also get a cha tag that notifies everyone you’re online streaming!

Hope you join us!

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