Still feeling the effects of Edibles after almost 2 days!


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Mar 2, 2020
So I live in Washington where Marijuana is legal. My friend and I went to a dispensary close to us and he bought some edibles in the form of candy. Anyways it was legit and nothing laced or whatever so i know it was safe. My friend, my girlfriend, and all took edibles. My friend took 2 while me and my girlfriend took 1 and half. I seemed to feel the effects more than either of them and had a crazy experience and don’t remember some stuff. Well anyways on Saturday I woke and felt almost out of body and still hazy. I can’t really explain how I’m feeling as well as I’d like to. Anyways it’s now Sunday evening and almost 48 hours since I got high... does anyone know why I’m still feeling out of body when my friend and girlfriend felt fine yesterday? Will this feeling go away?

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