Some People Just Want To Die - The Age of Opioids and the Coronavirus


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Feb 22, 2020

Do you think for a second that people living in nursing homes waiting for the great spirit to take them wouldn’t like to die? Do you think they like living like this, hunched over, in wheelchairs, getting hand washed by nurses and eating pot roast everyday was the vision they had of going out? A coronavirus in a nursing home would decimate the whole population, pull their inevitable deaths forward by months and years and get it all done in 2 weeks. Am I wrong to say that if I was 75 and in a nursing home, I would secretly pray for the coronavirus to come and put an end to me? What are my options, 15 more years in a home with a new roommate every few months, meatloaf and custard, and 15 hours of TV a day?

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