Seizure like twitching and extreme switch of mood?


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Mar 2, 2020
So everytime I get high I twitch. Theres times where its mild and its just my leg or something, but then theres times where its severe and my whole body convulses and during this I cant control anything until I can calm down and it stops. I dont know if this is a seizure or what is this? Usually a seizure-like episode will happen and I will switch to a mood right after, like angry. Then it will happen again and I'll switch to sad. Then it will happen again and I'll switch to panic. Then happy. Etc. Last night it's the scariest I've ever experienced it and I'm obviously stopping for a bit but I want to know why this is happening and if I have an underlying issue? Has anyone else experienced this? I do have bipolar disorder but when I'm sober I dont twitch or seize at all.

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