Seizure from smoking?


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Mar 2, 2020
I’m 16 y/o male with a history of seizures when I was really young where I’d kind of space out but eventually come back into consciousness after staring for a minute or so. I’ve been smoking pretty heavily since I was 14-15 and last night just started shaking as I was walking upstairs and I probably wouldn’t have even known what happened if it weren’t for my cup of water spilling everywhere. All I remember was trying to grab my water cup and wondering why I was shaking and couldn’t grab it. My parents are now really concerned as is my sister and me. Did I ruin my brain or could this be an isolated incident as long as I stop smoking? I’ve been thinking about quitting for a while but I couldn’t get it away from me and went right back after 2 weeks the last time. This time my sister took everything to smoke out of and all of my weed too so there’s no chance to get high anymore.

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