Schoolboy Q Talks with Snoop About Ditching Lean and Getting Clean on a New GGN


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Feb 22, 2020
Schoolboy Q, the bad boy of Top Dawg Entertainment, doesn’t do drugs anymore. But don’t worry: He’s still smoking weed, and he proved it by sharing a blunt with Uncle Snoop on a fresh episode of GGN.

Schoolboy Q got his start in the mid-2000s as an LA gangsta rapper. In 2009, he signed to TDE and joined Black Hippy, composed of himself, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul. Just a few years later, Black Hippy would catapult to hip-hop supergroup status, with praise from Tech N9ne calling them “the new NWA” and the Doggfather himself declaring that TDE’s rock-star talent surpassed even Death Row Records’ rep, where Snoop got his start.

Last year, Schoolboy Q dropped Crash Talk after taking a three-year hiatus from producing music. Part of his time-off from rapping was due to kicking a lean habit, which he said caused him to become “fat as f*ck.” Nowadays, Q stays fit by lifting weights, and he replaced his syrup intake by refocusing that energy on video games, specifically Call of Duty.

“That’s all I play now,” Q told Snoop. “I got hooked.”

“Did you get good?” Snoop asked.

“I’m raw as f*ck!”

“That game should’ve been a movie,” Snoop said. “That may be what we need to do. Off the internet, talking about something right there. Some virtual riz-ne-ality. Gangbang movie sh*t, pop pop pop pop pop!”

Will we be seeing Call of Duty in an upcoming Gangsta Gaming League tournament? We can only hope. And if that’s the case, ideally Schoolboy Q will be attending to, ahem, school some fools.

Later in the interview, Uncle Snoop and Q discussed some of their fond memories regarding the late Mac Miller, how the hip-hop community today only considers skills and not race or hometowns, Q’s dreams of landing a movie role in the near future, and how Snoop’s legendary house parties peacefully unified LA’s street gangs — even if only for one night at a time.

“I wish you could’ve came to my house back in the day. We had some of the most — these parties, cuz,” Snoop said to Q, shaking his head and smiling in retrospective disbelief. “I can’t believe my wife let me do that sh*t.”


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