Sample Pack #4 .... Plain Jane


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Feb 7, 2020
Back when I first saw this, I just skipped right over it. My only knowledge of Charlotte's Web was that it was named after a young girl that has a very rare seizure disorder. I didn't think it would have any benefit for me. I was tired of grasping at straws, and email Plain Jane to see if they could recommend something for neuropathy. Charlotte's Web made that list, so I was surprised. When I saw it in a sample pack, I decided to order that one. #4.

Charlotte's Web. Really wasn't expecting anything much, but OMG this kinda knocked me for a loop. The flavor was actually pretty nice and that's all I have on a description for the moment. It made me fairly loopy, seriously. Shortly after that, I just felt tired, really tired. A couple hours in, still feeling the effects of it, I was informed that boyfriend's sister wanted to go to dinner. I really, really like her, wanted to see her before she left town, but was kinda trippin'. We went anyway. All was fine, I wasn't high, hell, later, I managed to watch a 3 something hour movie without dozing off and stayed focused the whole time, it just hit me pretty hard. I sure knocked the sh*t outta dinner LMAO. WTH man?

Whew! Gonna have to reserve this one for times I'm off work, or just use very little. But, can say in all honesty, I really didn't experience much pain last night and felt super relaxed. Thank god for vacation to test stuff out. I've managed to learn a bit more and get more into my system than I can typically.

I meant to mention, I did find this one pretty harsh on my throat, not at first, but it got that way a couple draws in. (Copied from VU)

BaOx. I wish I could report the CBD % to you, since it's not listed on the sample, but when I looked at PJ, the only listing for this strain was the sample pack. Maybe they sold out? I know I've seen it. Taste wise, it was like cutting off a piece of a Christmas tree and chewing on it. Like really fresh pine taste, not muddied up with anything else. Very fresh tasting. The effects weren't overly strong at all, didn't last for very long for me, either. I read somewhere else that this is good for stress and/or relief. Meh. When I'm in pain, it's not for a few minutes, I'm IN pain. Could be decent for someone new to CBD, but I didn't get much out of this one. ***** At a later date, I mixed this with Ringo's Gift, just looking to be done with a couple I didn't care for, but then magic happened, and I've since re-upped on both. Quite an excellent pain killer for me with mixed this way.

Rogue. Rogue presents at 17.4% CBD. This seemed to be milder in the "flavor" range and slightly earthy. Rogue showed up pretty well, stayed with me for a little bit, too. What I like about strains that can do this, I can kick back for a while, not twitch around a lot, if any and finally feel mostly comfortable. I did enjoy Rogue. Being a sample, I was quite surprised and impressed with how this one looked. Very large bud in the mylar pouch. I used this one late one night and the next day,maybe early afternoon. Didn't really need anything else at all, til much later at night. Woke up fine today, but I also didn't have to work today.

Pineberry. I will categorize this one as Meh. Pineberry is 13% CBD, the single bud in the mylar envelope was big, really sticky, very fragrant and tasted not great. The effects were minimal and really didn't last at all. ***** At a later date, this one was mixed with Berry Blossom in another effort to move along things I wasn't crazy about. Again, the same magic happened. I've re-order Pineberry and Berry Blossom, for the sole purpose of mixing them. They'll be here in a few days. I like having these on hand. If you go this route, keep a watchful eye on Berry Blossom. It can be difficult to get hold of.

Of this sampler I certainly recommend them all. i suppose I should add, to any of these really, that our experiences could differ.