Sample Pack #3 from.... Plain Jane


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Feb 7, 2020
While sample packs may not be the most economical, neither is purchasing a bunch of things you really don't know that you'll like. I decided to purchase 2 different sample packs back in December, these are the results from them, copied from my thread at VU.

Sour Tsunami. This was part of a sample pack I purchased at Plain Jane that contained 4 pre-selected strains. The flower is somewhat dry, and fragrant. The taste is mild,slightly earthy, more grassy. The CBD is at 8%, much lower than that of Wife and Elektra, but I felt nicely relaxed, yet focused. This definitely helped to take the sharp edges off neuro pain, I was able to sleep well, and managed to wake up by alarm clock, LOL. This is definitely a strain I'd purchase again.

Ringo's Gift. The flower is very dry, brittle, has a light fragrance. The taste is very fresh, almost like taking the woods after a light snow and putting them into a jar. It's like a very light pine, cedar, maybe?.......exhale is just fresh. I can't describe it as menthol, and not at all a mint, just fresh. The CBD is 11%, also lists CBC .5% and CBG .5%. From this strain, I really didn't feel any different at all, but I also didn't notice that it's alleviating the discomfort I've been in. **** I later discovered that this one plays incredibly well with BaOx, also from Plain Jane. One of my go to mixes when I really hurt.

Hawaiian Haze. Third of the 4 pack. VERY fragrant, not at all dry, pretty sticky. The site uses words like citrus, pineapple, fruity. I can't say that I noticed any of those, but it does have a very mild taste. CBD at 14%. Right now, I feel calm, relaxed, but not so much that I'm ready for bed. I'm still pretty uncomfortable, but I can at least be still. Sour Tsunami did seem to do a little better.

Berry Blossom. .15.6% CBD. This is number 4 of sample pack option #3 at Plain Jane. Not overly sticky, after grind, it was kind of fluffy, lol. The taste was very mild, then reminded me of the exhale of maybe an ultra light cigarette, just kind of bland. It's weird, to me, to see all this descriptions of flavors on the site, mentioning specific fruits and nuances of flavors. To me, most of them have been either strong, less strong, mild, bland/boring. Neuro pain was acting up, mainly on the top of my feet, and I didn't get a lot of relief from it, though my body feels pretty relaxed at the moment. I had to use more of this than I have most of the others. Not something I'd seek out again, for myself. Could be a pretty decent intro to flower for someone, though. *** I later discovered that mixing this one with Pineberry is a wonderful pain killer for me. On their own, I'd not re-order either of them. Together, I've ordered them both, again. Berry Blossom can be tough to get at Plain Jane, sometimes, so when I saw it, I ordered both immediately.