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Feb 6, 2020
Discusswellness is my brain child. After owning an extremely popular forum for the last 6 years - I wanted to expand into other areas of interest.

Rules rules and more rules.... subject to change without notice :devilish:

1. Please be kind. There will be different types of people taking part. From the expert to the curious.
We believe in freedom of speech and the right to disagree. Let's just do it with some basic decorum.

2. No politics unless it directly relates to laws that effect specific categories here.
Wellness and Politics are a bit of a oxymoron to begin with :)

3. Wellness often brings up religion. We don't mind anyone talking about their faith, we just ask everyone to respect each other.

4. There is a grey area. Cannabis. It's legal in many states but illegal on a federal level. I believe information should never be
illegal. We do not offer links on where to buy Cannabis but we allow open conversation and media about it.

5. There is always a few we call "sh*t disturbers". They join simply cause trouble by pushing every forum rule
to the max. This will not be tolerated.

This forum should be a sanctuary from the stresses of life. Escapism with education :unsure:

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a straight shooter and pull no punches. This forum is not a democracy.
We try to keep a very liberal rule set. Most people understand right from wrong and have common sense.

If things get out of hand our moderators and admins are more then up for the task :)
If it gets past them.. then you have @tygertyger to deal with :eek: - Trust me you don't want that :cool:
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Feb 9, 2020
This is a cool idea, I am glad to be a part of it🙂
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Ms. Trixy

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Feb 12, 2020
Rules read.
I so need a sanctuary. Between my physical and mental ailments and life, I can't handle more than one at the same time.
Thank you, Joe & Tyger.
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Feb 9, 2020
Thanks, Joe. I’ve read the rules and they’re good ones. This is a great forum already. I’m so glad to be here.