Quitting weed because of anxiety


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Mar 2, 2020
I have been smoking for 7 years, Im 23 now. One day as usually I went outside to smoke a J. Got too high, but I have been high even to the puking point and being pale, but this time was different. As I remember I just couldnt find comfortable position to sit at PC. At one moment my breath just like stopped automatically, didnt care much about it. Then started questioning myself, "wtf is this, why do I feel like that, why do I feel my heart, etc..". Tried to forgot those thoughts as I knew that I am too stoned , but they still came and my thoughts was "I am going to die, i should call ambulance" mostly I was freaked about my heart because I never experienced something similar before, my heart just felt strange. Went to pee and I notice that my heart beats very fast. As I live with my parents, I asked for mom to measure my bp. BP was okay but she said that my heart beated like I just ran a marathon and also my face was pale. She gave me something to drinks which calms heart and nerves. In about 5 minutes I was feeling much better with my normal hr.

That happened last november. From there my life drastically changed. All my next smokes I got anxiety, checking my pulse, 120+ hr, chest tighness and random chest pains. Even tho my anxiety as I smoked became less existing or more managable, I still didn't enjoy smoking makes me feel, it didnt make me body high and made me restless. As more I smoked as more I noticed it worsens my sober life, like started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks while sober mostly about my heart and health in general

Yeah, there was days where I kinda enjoyed it, maybe I took just 2 hits and felt a nice buzz, but it wasnt the thing I felt love in years ago. If it didn't effect me while am also sober then maybe.. And its not strain thing. Even pure cbd weed gives me anxiety. And I tried minimum 30 day break 3 times already. Just overall from my experience in past 6 months I finally ready to quit for good, I will probably try it in like 6 months and then we will see.

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