Questions of Medical Marijuana


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Mar 2, 2020
I'm a medical marijuana car holder. However, I wasn't a smoker at all when I decided to get my MMC. I mostly used tinctures, edibles, etc. as to preserve my lungs. Well, that's a little out the door now because I vape. Lol.

So, my question to you is this: Now that I smoke to help alleviate my symptoms, I'm finding myself smoking almost 1.5 grams of Eureka concentrate, disposable vapes in about a month. I have had an increase of my symptoms as of lately due to my current job situation however, I'm scared I'm smoking too much. How do I know it's taking over my life? I'm still eating healthy, getting chores done (mostly lol), and even going to work. But... I do smoke at work sometimes because it helps me cope thru the chaos right now. I'm sure this is more of a personal thing but I'm curious to know some other perspectives to help me decide for myself. If what I'm doing is more to medicate as I should or if I'm becoming that useless stoner (not all of them are, but maybe I am?)

Another question is, even tho I'm an MMC holder, I still look at marijuana as the bad drug "weed" sometimes. How have you, if you've felt similarly, gotten over this perspective? I know its medical and helps tremendously, but I just dont always see it that way sometimes for some reason. I still feel this "hush hush" about it.

Thank you!

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