Question, Are seeds from CBD the same as a regular bag seed? Or is it strain genetic? Sorry I've grown but new to the CBD deal


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Mar 2, 2020
(Photos album of last grow from near start to, about 2 months before being seized)

Wondering if you should collect CBD seeds that have near zero THC in the flower. Are the CBD flower seeds genetic where if you plant them it will yield low % thc? Apologies if dumb question. I don't smoke but am very curious.

(In my teens I was a daily smoker. Even had a few great grows until I stopped hiding them an had some nice 6 foot outdoor plants. I'm in the US an my neighbors don't like me for no reason. They called FOURTEEN times during flower. The cops were really cool. They brought hedge trimmers but needed a Christmas tree saw to cut them b/c the stalks were so large. No charges, an thet left some behind for me. Said they wouldn't be here if neighbor didn't continue to call. It got to the point they had to do something. Like I said....they were very cool about it though. I had about 7 plants 6+ft. Tall that were supercropped too. They didn't have the tools to cut them so I gave them my saw. They "forgot" an left behind some of the best parts. It took 2 pickup trucks to haul them away.)

I don't plan to grow again until I can get approved for a dispensery license or they flat out legalize it. I'm curious how the CBD seeds work though. I know tons about growing but nothing about CBD. Is it illegal to grow pure CBD in ohio? Also since I wasn't charged I'll upload some pics of the harveat that was seized. Cops aren't always bad. They made it clear they didn't want to be there an had better things to worry about. Only think that made me upset was my yard is 100% fenced in,with no trespass signs. There's a locked gate to enter the driveway. They forced the locked gate open claiming 'probable cause' because you could see them over the fence from the very back of my neighbors yard, who smokes too. They didn't have a probable cause warrant an just bypassed all signs an cut the lock to enter. Since they were not charging me I argued but let it go once we talked an they explained. Also "forgot" to pick alot of the plant tops up.)

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