Question about Pipe Screens - Thicker & Stronger - Longer Lasting


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Feb 9, 2020
Central Florida
I have a little story to tell you first.
What seems like a lifetime ago I was an 18 year old welder's apprentice.

At the shop at the place where I worked there were these huge screens piled up all the way in the back of the shop.
They were all different sizes in diameter with all different thicknesses in screen
The screens had anywhere from a 4 to 12 foot wide metal loop around the outside.

I think they had snatched them off the job at Grace Chemical, a plant in Baltimore that we would sometimes do jobs for.
They had some sort of white chemical powder they were making there.
I had no idea what they made but on the side of all the tanker trucks it said "Fuel Cracking Catalysts" whatever that is?

Anyway there was this one that had screen that was a little bigger and thicker than a regular pipe screen.
I'd say the holes were three times as big and the screen was maybe 50% thicker than a store bought pipe screen.

So me and my buddy cut a huge chunk out of it and slipped out the back door with it.

I had two 12" X 12" pieces of it and that stuff lasted forever.
I just had to cut a piece or two out.
Really strong scissors even worked.
After getting it cut and in the pipe all you would need is a small straight screwdriver to scrape it each time and you were set.
It almost never got clogged.
As a bonus it allowed a little bit more used material through the hole into the pipe which made for some amazingly easy to clean res.
When it did get clogged the pipe being caked up with res would usually be the reason.

It was the best screen I had ever owned and I've never been able to find it again.

My question is what are the units of measurement used in a screen?
Also, What is it called? screen? mesh? etc...

I know that i'm getting close:

I'd like to be able to buy a small sheet and just cut my own out like I did when I was a teenager.
I could give them to my people so they quit asking me for screens every time I show up :D

It would save me for having to buy screens for like four people and I know this method works.

Also, I searched online for a better metal screen and ran across these:

Has anyone ever seen or used anything like this before?
They are more expensive of course but appear like they'd last forever.
$8.99 for 5 is what the deal is.

I'm thinking this may be a decent option.

Does anyone else have any ideas?
Thank You :)


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Feb 8, 2020
ne pa
While they look nice I would think they would be too rigid to use in a lot of bowls. Also looks too rigid to cut. Most of my bowls are kind of conical shaped and I like to shape the screen to the bowl.To me those holes look something like the size of the holes that seem to come in a lot of bowls these days.I find them too big and use screens on top-much easier to keep clean. I recall seeing something like those on amazon.
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Feb 9, 2020
I buy my screens for 10 bucks for 100 screens. I just burn them clean and use them till they get a hole and then change to a new one.
I also use one in my DHV. I fill the bowl and put a screen on top and it keeps the tiny screen in my DHV from clogging so easily.
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Feb 9, 2020
By the way, if anyone is looking for screens at a fair price Grasscity has them for $12.00 a hundred, was 10 a hundred when I got mine a few months ago. Good place to get stuff ;).
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