Pre-rolls - they are not created equal.


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Feb 18, 2020
One of the biggest sellers in the industry are prerolls. Even though its much cheaper to buy flower and roll it yourself, the convenience is there.

All Pre-rolls are not the same. Pre-rolls are an excellent way for manufacturers to hide all low end crops. Some have even been seen adding filler like old tobacco. There is a reason some are $2.99 ea and some 3x that price. You really do get what you pay for.

In terms of flower outdoor grown hemp from large fields (where most of all cbd comes from) is NOT as effective as CBD/HEMP grown indoors and under proper conditions. This is why some hemp cost nearly as much as Cannabis. The time, effort, strain research, and cross breeding costs a lot more then just planting a field full of basic cbd hemp plants.

Those tubes that everyone buys with a single preroll in them? Around 50% of all of them come from one place with a different sticker on the outside of the tube.

Make sure you know your source and make sure your pre rolls are do not have ground seeds, stems, trim, or shake. They won't harm you but why pay for seeds and sticks?