Popping noise when making tincture in my MBM


The Mark X
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Mar 2, 2020
I have had this machine for a couple of years, no real problems with it, I don't recall if it is version one or the MBM2 version. I use Everclear 191 proof filled to minimum fill line and flower. Set to 130* for 8 hours, rest overnight, then another 8 hour round befour making my gummies.

The question is, I will get a popping noise once or twice an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less. It almost sounds like the fumes are doing mini explosions in the machine. Does anyone else experience this? If so, ELI5, what is happening? Is there something I am doing wrong, Or I should change? I have been doing it this way for quite some time, this always happens and it does not affect the end product, but it is just a curiosity...

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