PLEASE someone tell me if this is just from being too high- EXTREME VERTIGO


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Mar 2, 2020
So, I went a few days without smoking until last night. A minute or two after taking a hit of the weed I had been smoking before, there was an intense vibrating sensation behind my eyes. Then my vision LITERALLY spun back and forth and in circles so intensely that I could not make it to the bathroom without falling over and could not stand up, so I laid on my floor and closed my eyes (the only thing that stopped the spinning). I think I laid there for 10 minutes or so unitl I crawled into my bed and just laid there.

I had an intense headache, eye ache, my ears felt full and were ringing, and I felt very nauseas. I took pepto bismol, drank a lot of water (although it was difficult since I felt sick), and took natural dramamine. After 2 hours, I still had a dull ache all over my head and felt nauseas, but I was able to eat a substantial amount. I couldn't sleep very well that night because of worrying about the situation and the dull headache.

This morning I feel fine. So, has anyone had this experience due to weed? I have gotten very high before and never experienced this. Other things to consider is that I struggle with an eating disorder which I am relapsing in, and I purged for the first time in a few months this morning (not much at all; a tiny tiny bit). It's also the first day of (TMI) my period, today. I've also been having headaches everyday since the late February-now. My allergies are quite bad, too. '

Anyone experience this or think weed could've contributed?? Should I wait to see if it happens again? I do not want to see a doctor during this time and especially do not want to cause worry to my loved ones if it is not necessary. Also, they think I quit weed recently, so I am terrified to admit that I smoked one time since I've "quit".

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