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Mar 2, 2020
Hi. As we get closer to the US election, users eager to promote their candidate , I want to remind everyone that we have some sidebar rules. Specifically, please note Rules 5 & 6. No editorialized titles and no same-week reposts. Editorialized titles means don't post a direct link to a website with your own opinion about what that website says. Use the given headline or other info direct from the article/website, not your opinion.

What is a same week repost? That means a subject that has already been posted, not just the same source. If there's already an article on the subject posted this week, or even the dame day, please don't post it again. What this tells the mod team is you're a spammer who doesn't even bother looking at the front page of /r/marijuana before posting.

As we get closer to the us election, this will only be enforced more. If you're coming here to just spam the same info that has already been posted, your posts will be removed as spam. We don't need 10 articles a day about Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. That's SPAM. You're not being 'censored', you're being held to publicly posted rules that you have ignored because you care less about the community that you do spamming your favourite candidates.

EDIT: A few key rules you should pay attention to:

5.> No editorialized or misleading titles; and also, no articles that claim to be factual yet lack sound sources or evidence accepted by the academic community. Please read your submission before you submit!

Don't editorialize your headlines. Use the given headline or a direct quote from the article if it's more descriptive.

6> No same-week reposts. Reposts, double posts, etc: When a story is very popular, we sometimes get basically the exact same article from different sources posted several times. If users here could take the time to see what has been recently posted and ensure their own submission is not redundant, that would be great.

I can't emphasize how much this happens. Sometimes on the same day! Which tells us that you are not an active member of the community who reads what is posted here. While we try to be lenient with this rule, it's an important one to keep the front page being clogged up with the same articles over and over and over. This means even if it's a different news site, if it's the same basic info and article, it's a repost. It's very common fro news sites to run basically the same story as everyone else. Please read what is already posted and don't repost if the same basic article is already on the front page.

9>. Soliciting or Promotion of any kind must only occur in approved formats, all other submissions must be approved by the moderation team. Approved formats listed below.

A direct link to a candidates website is solicitation and promotion. It's not news. If you're going to post a link directly to a candidate's website, you need to do is as a self post and you need to actually provide some info about why you're posting it.

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