new cart not working? —burnt/chemical taste with only small amount of vapor


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Mar 2, 2020
hi everyone I’d really appreciate help if you’d be willing! I’ll explain the issues and below I have a link to a google drive folder with pictures of the cart and battery. I added comments explaining the photos to make it easier to understand.

so I just bought a new cart from a dealer I trust and he told me he got it in a DC dispensary so it’s not anything weird or sus. the cart is a banana og indica. I have the kind pen pure, which, if you know how it works, has a screw on connector base for the cartridge which then allows it to magnetically connect to the battery. the battery is fully charged and has been working very well on a CBD cart I have. with the CBD cart i get nice thick vapor and a clean taste (which is to say, no influence of the battery on flavor). I connected the new cart as I would any other and despite numerous tries there is little to no vapor and a gross burnt/chemical taste... I don’t know if you’ve ever hit a cart that was empty (wishful thinking that there might be a drop left) but it’s that flavor where it tastes like the device is burning rather than the oil in the pen. I’m not sure what to do, any advice would be VERY much appreciated

Photos of the pen and cart

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