Negative Impacts of Whole Plant Vaping?


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Mar 2, 2020
Just wanted to ask this group about what negative impacts they see from vaping marijuana (vs no use or edible only use)? I've been curious for a while and have never been able to find much for results in Google (which is probably a good thing).

To be clear, I'm talking about whole plant (not oil) vaping, and I do agree it's MILES better than smoking, I was just curious about what negative impacts others notice that still remain.

For me, I still notice crap in my throat (resin I'm guessing?) that causes me to regularly clear my throat when I am regularly using (although definitely still better than smoking).

I was wondering what other negative impacts others still notice? Purely physical negative impacts, no psychological/etc.

Also on a side note... for all you purely whole flower vapers who have experience quitting for extended periods of time.... how long were you clearing crap out of your throat before it finally felt clean-ish?

Edit: For reference I usually vape at 365F or 388F, but occasionally start at 320F or 350F.

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