My high is different now:(


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Mar 2, 2020
Ok so I’ve been smoking weed for like 3 years not everyday but a few times a week. I had an experience about a month ago with an edible and I ate too much for me (about 200mg). And the high was awful. I have been waaay too high before but this was something else. I was dizzy and everything looked weird and distorted when I looked at it and I was so stressed. I looked it up and I think I was experiencing something like perceptual distortion. I wasn’t hallucinating anything that wasn’t there. Anyways Everytime I get high now feels like that. Doesn’t matter if I smoke a j or from a bong I get the same high and I hate it. I took a 10 day t break and it didn’t help. I just wanna have chill time during quarantine. Anyone else experience something like this ?

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