My dog ate 1 ounce of waste trim after using it for cannabutter!!


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Mar 2, 2020
I've spoken to vets and they said he will probably be okay just keep him warm. He really isn't well, can't sit up wobbling alll over the place, paranoid and jumpy.

He ate is about 19 hours ago and was sick last night. Now he is lying down but certainly isn't himself .

I feel terrible, what do you guys think

Edit, Heart rate is 60 Breathing rate is 7 He's currently sleeping


Eaten pepperoni and drank some water. Currently sleeping


Literally jumped up started running around flat out shaking his towels around and getting SUPER excited, went outside for a 3 minute long piss and gigantic sh*t the continued munch on his dinner then started acting like normal. Literally madness 😂

Couple pictures of him:

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