Mom said she caught me smoking in dream?


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Mar 2, 2020
I’m a sophomore in college and like a lot of people I’ve been stuck at my house unable to do anything. That’s left me with a lot of time and I’ve been smoking a lot of weed usually from pens, but occasionally from a joint as well. I’ve never been caught but with the whole lockdown my mom has been so close to finding my stash a couple times, and my life would probably be over if my mom found anything.

I mainly use it to cope with my anxiety, it helps me be optimistic, and it just something to do to pass time while on lockdown. I have enough experience and a tolerance to interact with my family while high, and they’ve never said anything but maybe my moms catching on. I don’t know if she just kind of is hinting that she know but she said it with a smile and we were laughing about it (I was shitting my pants inside) and I know she would flip out if she actually found something.

Anyways, yesterday she said that she had a dream I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, (my friends are just regular, smoke weed, drinks no hard drugs, and good people) and that in her dream I was smoking and doing drugs. I just kind of laughed and tried to shrug it off and it was like the weirdest thing ever bc we usually don’t talk about things like that.

I also actually ran out of weed yesterday so maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. It just creeped me out and I almost feel violated bc she caught me in a dream, like WTH??

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