Marijuana induced Derealization and detachment from reality. (HELP)


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Mar 2, 2020
Hey so about 9 days ago I took edibles with my friend and girlfriend. I took edibles once before and had a bad reaction so this time I decided I’d take less. Anyways so that night happened and it wasn’t great but nothing I didn’t expect from a normal high. The problem started the next day when I woke up and felt detached from reality. I thought it was just a hangover but then the next day I woke up and was terrified to see that I still felt this way I felt like I was in a simulation and detached from reality. My perception was off and I constantly second guessed everything that I experienced. Words being communicated to me didn’t make sense and I couldn’t believe things I was being told or heard. Basically everything feels like a Mandela Effect It’s now been over a week and I am still experiencing these symptoms I feel detached and can’t trust what I’m experiencing. This is a living hell and a nightmare. It’s been over a week. What should I do? This is a nightmare I can’t wake up from

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