Marijuana in pregnancy - a controversial question


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Mar 2, 2020
So, my fiancée takes very occasional (once every few days) hits of marijuana through a dry herb vape, never smoking. She suffers from severe depression and is taking Sertraline for it but with little effect. Her depression manifests a lot with stress and anger. Marijuana is the one thing that helps her , BUT we’re also trying for a baby and the literature on the safety of marijuana in pregnancy is very mixed, and a lot of it assumes it’s smoked, thus the mother also ingests all of the chemicals associated with smoking. There is a full understanding that THC enters the fetal blood stream, and again it seems very mixed on what impact this is.

So I’m perhaps looking for some validation that she continues managing her depression this way even when she becomes pregnant, because it’s absolutely well known that stress is NOT good for a fetus in any way. She has tried every medication under the sun and nothing has helped other than marijuana, so it becomes a trade off - deal with the risk of vaping marijuana infrequently or the risk of constant high levels of stress and unmanaged depression.

Does anyone have any comments or experience of dealing with this sort of trade off?

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