Marijuana and Fainting


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Mar 2, 2020
For the sake of sparing you some time I’ll say here and now the first section will be a health background of mine and the second one will be the ultimate question.

I am a slightly overweight male who’s been working on it, I was a daily stoner smoking probably a gram a day when this situation happened. I was outside playing basketball (actually sober surprisingly) and when I came inside I took a shower like an idiot I waited no longer than 5 minutes to get in. I noticed about 3-4 minutes in I was about to pass out (I nearly passed out a few years back so I know the presyncope feeling) I got out the shower and bam I’m out I fell and hit my head on the door, as I get up and try to get dressed I pass out again, and pass out once more after getting dressed. Aside from the massive concussion I got from that, I noticed my blood pressure fluctuates from very low to normal at random. I’ve been looked at by Neurologists, Cardiologists and soon to be Endocrinologists yet they can’t pinpoint what’s necessarily goin on, just that whatever it is won’t kill me since I don’t have arrhythmias or abnormal growths.

Will taking an edible reduce my chances of syncope/fainting? The last time I smoked (7 or so months ago) my heart rate sky rocketed to 160 and my blood pressure was 158/110 or something close to that my legs and arms were shaking and it eventually stopped, about when the marijuana wore off.

I know most of you are probably thinking “well why the hell don’t you just stay sober” And that’s a fair question. I don’t find enjoyment in being sober though I’ve been sober for a pretty long time. Stress is stress it doesn’t change, my ways of handling it have but I am still stressed out nonetheless. Counseling doesn’t work and neither do the pills doctors throw at me marijuana is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me and I had to give it up cold turkey, not scared to admit I miss it very very much.

I’ve read what could’ve happened was the sudden onset of the high (since I smoked for the first time in 3 months) caused a massive decrease in blood pressure causing my heart to go into extreme overdrive which is the shitty experience I dealt with including the high overcompensated blood pressure.

Another theory of what happened was my extreme anxiety could’ve put my body into panic mode once I noticed things didn’t feel right and caused a fight or flight response.

I know this was long, and I apologize but I thought this question would need thorough explanation. The first paragraph is what started all of this and a brief health summary the second paragraph is the question.

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