Is this the right place to ask “What strain is right for me”?


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Mar 2, 2020
If not then please redirect me to the correct sub & delete my post. But if it is, then that’s basically my question.

I’ve decided to get back into smoking weed for recreational purposes after a 9 year long break. I previously quit because of the intense paranoia and psychedelic trips that my mind could not handle when I would get super high. I was smoking anything and everything off the streets so I have no idea which strains were causing my bad trips.

I’m hoping someone here can give me suggestions as to which strains to avoid and which strains might work for me from a dispensary. I’ve done some research and most articles suggest I stick to Sativa, however what I have also read about Sativa is that it can likely make you experience the more psychedelic/trippy effects of THC than Indica or a hybrid strain.

My LIKES in a high: happy, upbeat, sociable, awake & aware of my surroundings, laughter, creativity, music sounds amazing...

Things about a high I’m indifferent about: Pain relief & appetite inducing.

My DISLIKES in a high: psychedelic trippy effects, complete loss of sense of time, feeling like I can’t feel or control my own body, paranoia, feeling mute and stupid (like I can’t speak my thoughts effectively)

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