Is the future of marijuana bright? Read this NYTMagazine article and discuss.


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Mar 2, 2020

If scientists ever do map out the "entourage effect" (although many people believe they never will and cannabis will always involve "some level of exploration"), it will revolutionize the drug and its impact, use, culture, etc. Even though predicting the drug's effects hasn't yet been perfected, we're much better at it than we were even ten years ago. Already, I'm thinking how this can change its perception to a lot of my friend's mothers and mother's friends, who are afraid for their children to use it because it's unpredictable: "You don't know what effect it'll have on you", "You don't know how much is in there", etc.

With the miracle pills they're trying to make that can pinpoint how a certain strain will affect you, people can be getting high for an array of purposes or circumstances, and it can be regulated in a way that, once the drug is legal nationwide, Americans of all walks of life can be high for whatever reason they choose. Personally, I think the article speaks to the impressive work done by many cannabis scientists nationwide and reeks of an optimistic future for widespread, enjoyable, healthy, and safe marijuana use.

So with this new vision of the future of cannabis, I must ask all you potheads out there: is this the smoker's dream come true, or a whole other nightmare yet to be fully uncovered?

Perhaps the capitalization of your favorite pastime isn't all that attractive? Maybe you don't trust business juggernauts with your weed? Or does getting high sans horticultural elements betray all that the act means/represents (man's relationship to nature, etc.)? Your worry could be more culture-based, in that you'd miss the days of smoking when you wouldn't know what type of experience you'd have, where you'd have to hide away to some cool secret hiding spot with only trusted close friends, but whatever concern or joy you're feeling, please share!!

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