Is my weed REALLY good, or REALLY bad?


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Mar 2, 2020
Is my weed REALLY good, or REALLY bad?

Hey all-Originally from Colorado, moved to DC a few years back. DC is rec, but buying/selling is illegal, so it's all black market weed. A lot of the plugs here make Cali trips and get black market "name brand" weed. Examples are Backpack Boys, Zours, Turtle Pie, and the list goes on. Coming from Colorado, believe me, I know good weed. BUT..this stuff from Cali is consistently the best cannabis I've ever had. It looks/smokes/tastes/amazing, and has a really, really nice high. The ONLY thing though is it doesn't ever smell like Colorado weed. There's never a "skunky" smell. It's still a really pleasant smell, and I love the nose on this stuff, but it just doesn't have that traditional weed smell. I've done what research I can on PGRs, but the bud structure and surplus of hairs are usually fairly normal to the eye, just so much more colorful that what I can ever find in Colorado. A lot of this stuff is a gelato cross (gelatos don't exist in Colorado dispensaries yet), and I've been hearing that may actually be the difference? Something about the gelatos having a different smell? Does anyone have any experience with these brands/or this type of weed? Some of the strain names lately are Gelato 41, White/Lemon Cherry Gelato, Guarana, Clifford, and the list goes on.. Anyone have any insight here?? Thanks so much. I've attached a picture of a standard bud..I really hope this stuff is legit, because really, it's all amazing...and really expensive. Thanks so much for your insight.

Backpackboyz Guarana

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